This is the main login page for WebTAS.


  • Email Address
    • User will input their email address
  • Password
    • User will input their password
    • The user will see asterisks when inputting data
    • The password must conform to the WisDOT password standards
      • Passwords must be 8-20 characters in length and include a combination of at least 3 of the following  4 character types:
        • An uppercase letter
        • A lowercase letter
        • A number
        • A keyboard symbol (or special character); allowed characters include: $ – ~ # [ ] _ !


  • Submit button
    • On a successful login, the user will be directed to the WebTAS Main State Summary Dashboard page
    • On an unsuccessful login, the user receives a message “Unable to Login. Check Username and Password” message
      • After five attempts, the user receives a message that their account is “Locked” and they should use the WebTAS System Administrator link to have their account unlocked
      • When the account is unlocked by the Admin, the user will receive an email directing them through the “Reset Password” process
  • Reset Password link
    • User will receive a dialogue to confirm their email address. Once confirmed, the user receives an email with a link to type in their password and update.  Once updated, the user is logged in and directed to the State Summary Dashboard page
  • WebTAS System Administrator link
    • A blank email will appear on the screen with the TO: address filled in as DOTWebTASSystemAdministrator@dot.wi.gov